We are joined by Bryan Slone, President of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Bryan’s background includes working in the Reagan Administration as a lobbyist for the IRS, and helping write the 1986 Tax Reform Bill with Congressman Hal Daub. He also worked as a tax attorney in Germany after the Wall came down. We talk politics – will Bryan run again for Governor? We discuss the best golf course in the world (hint – it’s in Nebraska, and the other jewel in Nebraska, the unique one-house Legislature.

Our Sponsors
The Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Nebraska Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association

What are we drinking?
Burning Skye Scottish Ale – Empyrean Brewing Company, Lincoln, NE
Brewed in the tradition of Scotland’s malty-sweet beers. Sweet and smooth with a wee hint of smoked character. Pair with grilled chicken, beef, BBQ or wild game.