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A project dedicated to conversation and community.

Pints & Politics with Dan Parsons is a podcast & event driven project that brings together diverse thought leaders to discuss the most important issues of our day. Host Dan Parsons is a 20+ year public relations expert and political advisor with a love for local food, craft beer & cocktails and engaging conversation.

Each episode of Pints & Politics is driven to presenting ideas in an atmosphere of cooperation and community. Oh…and we do so while enjoying a craft beer or locally sourced cocktail.

Pull up a bar stool and join us!

Latest episode

51 – Nebraska Development with Richard Meginnis and David Levy

We may not notice it daily, but our city and our state are constantly changing – and these changes often directly impact us as residents. This week, I am sitting down with real estate expert Richard Meginnis and legal professional David Levy for an in-depth discussion about the development of Lincoln.

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Pints and Politics with Dan Parsons
Pints and Politics with Dan Parsons
Dan Parsons

Each week we bring together a craft beer connoisseur and a purveyor of politics to find a new craft brew to taste and new stories to tell.

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